Twas the night before Christmas

Well, ok. It was actually the night before, the night before Christmas, when we unexpectedly found ourselves without dinner plans or reservations at 8:30 in the evening. Take-out is uninspiring at the best of times and neither of us had the energy to cook, so we decided to head over to the Rib Room at Emirates Towers for a meal. Since moving to Sheikh Zayed Road earlier in the year, this has become our go-to spot for last minute dinner plans; as much for the food as for the fact that we can walk there – which is a true luxury in Dubai

As the name suggests, the Rib Room is mainly a steakhouse, though the menu also offers some fish and vegetarian alternatives for the non-carnivores. The main focus is really on the meat, with an entire page of the menu dedicated to various cuts categorized by origin. American, Australian, Canadian can all be had here. A separate section on ribs (including a pork option) is offered, along with shared mains of chateaubriand, beef wellington or the Beef Tomahawk if you like to eat family style.

The décor is modern, the room is pleasant and if they would turn up the music a little bit, it would have felt like Christmas. At this point, we’ve become frequent visitors and have sampled most of the items on the menu. Our dinners have primarily been hits, with a few misses, most notably the time when the waiter dropped our Tomahawk steak on the floor mid-service and had to order a new 1,200 gram steak from the kitchen – but the staff has always been professional despite a few kitchen mishaps.

On this occasion, we started off with the Rib Room Salad and the Spicy Calamari appetizers. The salad is a frequent choice as it combines field greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and interestingly lentil sprouts with a tangy dressing to make a very delightful and refreshing light option. This was offset by the calamari, which was anything but light. This hearty appetizer was nicely breaded and spiced, crunchy outside and not doughy, it had gorgeous flavours that were enhanced by the accompanying mushroom remoulade. This is a large portion so we recommend it for sharing. Other appetizers that we recommend include the Wagyu Beef Tartar which is one of the best in the city and prepared table side, and the Boston Lobster Benedict – oh heaven and you can skip the main course after eating that dish.

Rib Room Salad

Moving onto our mains, in addition to the Australian Tenderloin, we opted to try the Bison on this visit and it proved to be an excellent choice. Both steaks arrived perfectly medium and accompanied by a tray of artisanal mustards, sauces of choice and side dishes. The sides are your standard steakhouse fair and nothing exceptional – don’t be fooled by the description of the Tempura Wasabi Fries on the menu, they are just beer battered fries – but really after all this food they are almost superfluous.


We rounded off our evening with a Caramelized Lemon Tart served with a yogurt ice cream. The tart was nice and light with a surprisingly delightful chocolate crust and while the yogurt was an interesting palate cleanser it was unnecessary to the dish.

Caramelized Lemon Tart

Overall, great food and service on this visit. The full menu is available online and Sirius members receive a discount on the total bill.

Salad – 50 dhs
Calamari – 60 dhs
Oakey Tenderloin – 235 dhs
Bison – 315 dhs
Lemon Tart – 35 dhs

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