The Summer Round-Up Part III: The Happiest Place on Earth

Several of my friends turned 40 this year so for their birthday we decided (and by this I mean the wives allowed us) to go on a boys’ vacation to Mykonos, Greece.  The plan was simple – 3 guys, 3 beaches, 3 nightclubs, 3 tremendous hangovers – and then home.

In truth the majority of the trip is a bit of a blur.  The beaches are full of life, the nightclubs are fantastic, and I have a vague recollection of meals and menus for lunch and dinner.  All of the restaurants we visited were very similar – serving traditional Greek, Italian, or both.  They all had charming owner/managers who were happy to chat with you in any of the ten plus languages they speak.  All of the restaurants had lovely views of beaches, bodies, blue skied vistas, and windmills, and every place had their favorite homemade wine on offer by the kilo.  They were some of the best meals that I have had – primarily because of the company more than the food.

There was one notable and memorable establishment – Nammos Restaurant By The Sea.  Located at Psarou Beach, Nammos is one of the most enjoyable restaurants I have every visited.  Situated right on the beach, the restaurant has beach beds for sun worshippers, a DJ spinning elegant party music at just the right volume, and a view of massive yachts anchored in this beautiful bay.

We made reservations in advance because we had heard that it is hard to get a table for lunch, and we are glad that we did.  We got there early, grabbed a beach bed and bottle of champagne, and settled in to watch the rich and beautiful party.  After another bottle of champagne we hit the table for a meal.  Fish, squid, and prawns all came to the table barbequed to perfection, delicate and tasting of the sea.  The dips, sides, sauces and the like were ethereal in their elegance and simplicity.

The restaurant has a great wine selection and the staff are experts at appearing and disappearing at the exact right moment with the exact right thing.  Somewhere between our 2nd bottle of wine and 3rd round of shots the DJ picked up the beat just a little bit and all of a sudden the whole place was up on chairs dancing.  Visiting Nammos means meeting half of the diners around you as everyone starts chatting and partying together.

We stayed at Nammos as long as we could, only leaving when we were sure we couldn’t last another minute.  We had eaten a fantastic meal, drank wonderful wine, danced, laughed, partied, and met a hilarious bunch of folks.  *$#@ Disneyland, Nammos is the happiest place on earth!

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