Roll up the Rim!

If you don’t know what a double-double is this entry is not for you. 

Long anticipated and very overdue, Tim Horton’s has finally arrived in Dubai.  OK, it’s the American version Tim Horton’s Cafe and Bake shop where the coffee cups say “Roasted in Rochester, NY” and they serve Mac n’ Cheese on the menu – but it’s still Tim Horton’s.  We were among the lucky few to attend the soft opening and try the new menu before they open their doors to the public on September 17th. 

It’s was a Canadian taste extravaganza.  We tried everything – donuts, coffee, sandwiches, hot chocolate.  The french crullers, boston cream and chocolate glazed donuts were divine.  The bagels tasted like bagels – by which we mean they tasted like they do at every Tim Horton’s in Canada and not like someone took standard bread dough and rolled it into a circle.  The only disappointment was that they were using processed cheese instead of real cheddar.  The coffee tasted like we remember it. 

The staff is still learning the lingo but they were trying very hard.  When we placed an order for a black coffee we received a confused expression from the cashier who asked “You want double-double?”  At least he knows what a double-double is.  And thankfully, the small cup is called “Small” and not some unnecessarily Italian word meaning “Large”.

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road just beside Starbucks (Next to Financial Centre Metro Exit on the West side), we have high hopes for our Canadian company and encourage you all to get your Tim’s ON.

Samer enjoys his black coffee

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