Oh Canada

The UAE has a fairly strong contingent of Canadian expats and the long distance tends to stir our patriotism as Canada Day approaches. This year a group of Canadians organized the Red and White Night at Fire & Ice Grill in celebration of the great event. Over 50 people gathered at the restaurant to enjoy a special set menu prepared by Bryson-born Chef Josh Kucharick who did a great job developing a special Canadian inspired menu for the occasion.

Our first course of the evening was a FIRED HALIBUT with Yolk Ravioli (egg yolk & salmon roe), Fiddle Head Cream and Fennel Slaw. It sounded absolutely mouth-watering on paper but was disappointing in execution. While beautifully presented, the fish was extremely overcooked and its accompaniments seemed to lack cohesion. It’s likely that the timing of this course was ruined by the delay in seating such a large group but it did serve to make us apprehensive about the remaining of the meal.

Fired Halibut

The second course was a YUKON GOLD GLACE with Dusted Jus, Cheese Curd Foam and Plum Tomato Jelly. Think molecular gastronomy meets traditional poutine. While this item got mixed reviews by our table, we thought it was absolutely superb. While minimalist in many ways, it was truly original and if you shut your eyes when taking a bite you could almost feel like you were back home.

Yukon Gold Glace

Our main was a GRILLED ANGUS TENDERLOIN with Sun choke Puree, Wild Mushroom Pickle and Scallion Crème Fraiche. Fire & Ice is a high-end grill known for its great cuts of beef so the expectations were high on this course. Chef Josh did not let us down. The meat was very well prepared and arrived hot which was an impressive feat given that the kitchen was serving 50+ plates at the same time.

Grilled Tenderloin

For desert we were served a WILD BLUEBERRY NANAIMO with Tahitian Vanilla Custard with Sweet Potato Crumble. I could have eaten five of them.

Wild Blueberry Nanaimo Desert

The menu was well thought out in it its attempts to incorporate “Canadian” ingredients into the various dishes. Chef Josh showed flashes of brilliance in some of these elements which suggests that a visit to the restaurant on a regular night would be worth it. The evening was capped by the Great Canadian Trivia Quiz which I am saddened to report we all failed miserably.

AED 550 for the four-course meal, including a welcome drink and wine pairing.

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