Lebanese-style Sashimi

We’ve recently returned from spending a few days in Beirut to attend a wedding and get a short respite from the Dubai heat.  During the trip we were hosted for dinner by some Lebanese friends at a small waterfront restaurant in Jounieh.  Dorada sur mer offers a wide selection of food from Lebanese mezza, classic Mediterranean seafood preparations to Italian, French and Sushi dishes.  In typical Lebanese fashion our hosts ordered at least half the menu.  The table was over-flowing with food and the dishes kept coming out throughout the meal.   It would be impossible to list everything we ate, but we did want to make special note of one item – which we’re loosely calling snapper sashimi.

The proper preparation of sashimi is a delicate art, using precise cutting techniques to maximize flavor and freshness.   The dish we were served would have had any self-respecting master sushi chef crying in his wasabi.  It looked like this fish went down fighting.  Instead of the precisely cut rectangular slices that we are typically served at Japanese restaurants we received tiny bits of butchered meat.   Despite this, it was the freshest, sweetest tasting melt in your mouth morsel we have ever tasted and it was presented beautifully on the plate in it’s own carcass which was a nice touch. 


All the food at Dorada sure mer was delicious though fish and seafood is the specialty.  Definitely worth a visit if your travels ever take you to Beirut and surrounding areas.

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