That’s Amore!

We’ve been on the hunt for a good pizza delivery place since we landed in Dubai over three years ago. We’ve tried them all, from the restaurants to the fast food places; 800Pizza, Red Tomato, Prego’s, Pizza Express and the experience has been mixed from decent to dismal. We’ve gotten limp and undercooked thin crust that can barely carry the weight of the toppings; we’ve had poor quality ingredients and mediocre execution. There was one time the pizza arrived with the entire topping stuck to the top of the box and we were left with a mass of gooey half cooked dough. There was another time the pizza had folded into itself so that it resembled a calzone. We eventually became totally disillusioned, disheartened and all the other dis’s. We were resigned to the fact that we would never enjoy good pizza delivery in this country and we moved on.

Lately we’ve been hearing some buzz about a new American chain that had arrived in Dubai called N_K_D Pizza.  Actually, it’s NAKED Pizza but they weren’t allowed to call themselves that in the UAE so they improvised. Founded in New Orleans in 2006 and billing itself as the world’s healthiest pizza. They use a 10-grain crust and “whole food ingredients” without unnecessary fillers, processed food or additives. Well, they weren’t going to trick us. We’d fallen for false claims before and had learned our lesson. NKD Pizza – sounded gimmicky. We ignored it just as we’ve ignored all other pizza advertising since the last delivery debacle.

Then disaster struck. We’d both been sick and hadn’t left the house for days. Food stocks were dwindling fast. The flyer had been sitting on the dining room table for weeks and when the desperation truly set it and we’d run out of canned tuna we decided to bite the bullet and place an order.

We went to the website to place our order. The transactional site needs some work – but this is Dubai after all so our expectations are low when it comes to e-commerce. After muddling through a few screens we finally figured out their system and placed our order.

  • One large thin crust: pepperoni, basil, extra mushrooms, red sauce, mozzarella (57 dhs) – old school!
  • One large original crust: extra chicken, cilantro, red onions, mushrooms, red sauce, mozzarella (67 dhs) – for the foodies in us.
  • One small “smokehouse”: bbq sauce, red onion, double chicken (29 dhs) – just out of curiosity.

The delivery was prompt; the pizza was steaming hot, intact and looking beautiful. The taste was really good, the crust was well cooked (we prefer thin crust over regular), the ingredients were plentiful (you can order “double”) and overall it was a delicious experience – it tasted like a pizza should! And, the whole “healthy pizza” angle is not a gimmick. When our meal was finished we noticed that absence of that slightly bloated feeling (you know what we’re talking about!) that is typically achieved post-pizza.

N_K_D Pizza

We’re pleased to announce that after countless failed attempts, the search for a decent pizza delivery joint in Dubai has finally come to an end.

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