Back to the Beach: Part 2

So we’ve been having some major plumbing issues at the house and decided that a night at a hotel was in order while we had people come in to fix things. We’ve stayed at a few of the local hotels in recent years (with the Park Hyatt being our favourite to date) but decided to use this opportunity to try something new. After much debate, we settled on the One & Only Royal Mirage as it’s a stunning property by the waterfront and also happens to be 5-minutes from our house.

Now, if you’ve been following our recent reviews, you’ll remember that our last one Dining Beachside was for the Beach Bar & Grill at the Royal Mirage and frankly the review was less than stellar (some might say harsh).  However, we felt that we needed to give the place another chance as our previous visits there had been very good, except for service problems.  So, after a quick check-in we headed down to sit on the terrace and order some lunch.

The Space

We have described this space before from our dinner experience; yacht watching, terraces, ambiance, lapping waves and mood lighting. It’s a lovely place to have dinner. For a casual lunch the space is even better. The sunshine makes the terrace very lively, the proximity to the water delivers a cool breeze and strategically placed shading begs the ultimate question – to tan or not to tan.

The View

The Food

Having decided to go for a swim after lunch we chose to order a few appetizers instead of mains. The dozen oysters were creamy, fresh and light. The grilled calamari was flawless. The grilled shrimp served with roasted peppers and salad was smoky and sweet; just right. The fried calamari was crisp on the outside, tender on the inside and good all over. In other words the food was fabulous.

The Service

Now we finally understand why the Beach staff never get the dinner service right – they are trained (very well) to deliver casual and charming service for unhurried lunches. The staff was friendly and attentive. They served us food and wine effortlessly and helped to make our local getaway a pleasure.

The Price
Dozen oysters
Grilled Calamari – 78
Grilled Shrimp – 90
Fried Calamari – 72

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