Noodle Delight

We spent last week on a short trip to Honk Kong visiting some friends and scoping out the city.  HK has a fantastic food scene that will please both the highbrow and frugal crowd; with something for everyone.

This was our first time in Hong Kong so we were really looking forward to getting the full-on experience.  No trip to HK would be complete without the requisite stop at a wonton noodle joint.  Not surprising – the choices are endless.  Our friends navigated us to a little place called Tsim Chai Kee on a little street full of restaurants and wine shops near Central.

This is a tiny restaurant.  It’s about 10 paces wide by 5 deep with an open kitchen and communal seating.  The menu is even smaller than the room.  Pick your noodle (flat, vermicelli, egg) and your protein (shrimp wanton, beef brisket, fish balls – you can take one, two or all three of these if you like) add broth (or not) and you’re done.  If you really want something special you can have bok choy on the side.

It took about two minutes to order our bowls of egg noodles with shrimp wonton and beef and about three minutes more for these to arrive at the table.  We grabbed some chopsticks from the central repository added some vinegar to the dish and dug in.  The wontons were big, plump and delicious.  Our only regret is that they only gave us three per dish.  The beef was also extremely tender and complimented the rest of the dish.  We didn’t ask how they made it so tender and frankly don’t want to know.  It was great.  Noodles were fresh and the broth was ok until we added soy sauce, when it became great.  There was some trial and error on the vinegar and sauces, but everyone finally found their comfort zone and enjoyed the meal.

Portions are large and prices are cheap.  For $16HK (8AED; $2.50US) you really can’t go wrong for lunch!

We somehow overlooked taking pictures of the food and only managed to get one of the street and these two little white girls that were sharing the table with us, but if you’re curious to see the food you can check out this CNN review.

Tsim Chai Kee
98, Wellington St.
Central, Hong Kong

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