Arabic Breakfast Anyone?

So we woke up late on a Friday morning only to discover that we had 3 eggs remaining in the fridge and very little else.  We threw on some clothes and dashed over to the Al Halabi at Mall of the Emirates to order breakfast before their stated noon cut-off time. 

Quickly seated in the “terrace” of the fashion dome we started to look over the breakfast section.  All the classical arabic breakfast options were there: boiled eggs, cheese, foul, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, saj and the list goes on….

Mouths watering, we called over the waiter to place our order of boiled eggs, vegetable platter, foul and hommous only to be told that they stopped making boiled eggs at 11:30 (it was 11:40).  Five minutes of debate ensued in Arabic and the manager got involved at one point but we finally got our eggs.

A short wait later, the dishes started to arrive at the table and we dug in.  Everything was faultless – from the perfectly seasoned foul to the hard-boiled eggs with just a touch of a soft centre. 

Breakfast Fixings

The delicious simplicity of an Arabic breakfast is without equal and Al Halabi knows how to deliver.  Next time we’ll try to wake up earlier.

Al Sultan Breakfast (includes vegetable platter, foul, hommous, coffee, juice, sweets) – 42 dhs
6 Boiled eggs – 42 dhs
Halloum Saj – 16 dhs

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