Late on Thursday I got a call from a friend to get together for girls only dinner and drinks.  We were fortunate to book the last available table at one of our favourite restaurants, Teatro at the Towers Rotana.

The Space: Teatro has been part of the Dubai dining scene for many years and still remains extremely popular despite the explosion of new market entrants in recent years.  The restaurant offers a fairly large space including a separate bar area for those who prefer to grab a casual drink rather than a full meal.  One wall of the main dining area provides a view into the impressive walk-in cellar while the opposite side has windows overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road.  Photographs of classic American movie stars litter the walls and the ambient lighting is perfectly designed to provide the feeling of privacy despite the fact that many tables are placed very close together.  The background music on offer that night was also perfectly set to allow for easy conversation and complimented the overall vibe of the place.  As a final touch, they had added subtle Christmas ornamentation around the space to mark the approaching holiday season.

The Food: The menu can be alarming at first glance as it offers five different cuisines (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean) but don’t be concerned as the kitchen executes each one suprisingly well.  The selection of meals is extensive and the wine list is extremely reasonable by Dubai standards.  This variety makes the restaurant a great choice for large parties as it provides plenty of options to appeal to differing palates.

For our dinner choices we both selected old favourites:

Wasabi Tempura Appetizer – Six large prawns perfect for sharing, lightly battered and served with a subtle yet creamy wasabi sauce.

Laziz Mahi Tikka (Hammour Tikka) – Perfectly seasoned and flaky white fish accompanied by raita and spinach rice.  I get this everytime.

Peking Duck on the Bone – I typically don’t enjoy Duck but my companion offered to share a few bites and I felt compelled to try it given how well presented the plate arrived from the kitchen.  I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour and tenderness of the meat (not fatty) which was complimented by an orange sauce.  The portion was extremely large and hearty.

Wasabi Tempura

Hammour Tikka

Peking Duck





Wasabi Tempura – 72 dhs
Hammour Tikka – 95 dhs
Peking Duck – 145 dhs

Verdict: I go back again and again.

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