Reving up French style

Friends from Switzerland have just arrived in town and are spending one night in Dubai before we all head over to Abu Dhabi for F1 this weekend. Given the fantastic weather we’ve been having, we decided an outdoor venue was in order so we headed over to the Park Hyatt and started our engines reving with an evening of champagne and cocktails on The Terrace. We then made our way over to the outdoor patio at Traiteur for some fine dining French style.

The Space
While a visually stunning space, the indoor dining experience can seem a little cavernous at Traiteur, specially when the restaurant is not full. Fortunately, we had great seats on the terrace with an excellent view of the Marina. We think that this is one of the most pleasant outdoor dining venues in Dubai.

The Food
The menu can be a little confusing at first glance as it is not presented in the typical appetizer/main/dessert format. However, once you figure out the system, you can dive right in to any section and select from a variety of dishes. Our appetizer selections included the foie gras, tuna tartar, the goat cheese tart, and shrimp cocktail – all yummy and pleasantly presented.

The foie gras is rich and velvety, balanced beautifully with classic French accompaniments. The tuna tartar was a work of art incorporating edible flowers and wonderfully fragrant compliments to make this one of the best tartar experiences in Dubai. Our guests both thoroughly enjoyed their appetizers (or so they said anyway, and given our experience so far we had no reason to doubt them).

Traiteur Side Dishes
For mains Roula had a superb tenderloin au poivre, and Samer had the Chateaubriand with foie gras. If you love steak you must have this Chateaubriand – it is amazing. Our guests had the tenderloin au poivre and the herb crusted lamb, which they both enjoyed. The dauphinoise potatoes were melt in your mouth gooey and you can never go wrong with the french fries. To balance this out we also ordered some mixed vegetables which were pleasantly crisp and lightly flavoured.

The Service
The staff was attentive as usual though there was some confusion when we initially arrived regarding our reservation. But they sorted this all out while we enjoyed our drinks on the Terrace and came over to get us when our table was ready.

The Verdict
Food was excellent as always. I think we’re due for another visit to their famous Friday Brunch soon.

I really like this restaurant – consistent food, professional service, and interesting interior design – although they need to refresh the menu more frequently to show off the kitchen’s skills.

Next stop Abu Dhabi for a long weekend filled with food, drinks and races.

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One Response to Reving up French style

  1. Nick Peacock says:

    Nice blog, look after our mates out there at the GP.

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